Hi, I am a Profesional Dreamer, Nature Lover & Photographer of Real Life.

My name is Luciana, from Argentina and we moved to Spain with my husband Renan and my two kids, Joaquin and Itai, now we live in Kfar Saba, Israel.

I photograph with a documentary approach, including Rituals, Family, Events and Corporate Photography. I am also passionate about nature, so I love to combine it with Family Photography.

 I love to photograph the connection between family members, friends, strangers, with the nature...i want to remember this life, just like is now... I don't need nor want some idealised version of myself or my family. the dirty faces, unmatched clothes, all kind of moods, the unique mess...i love just be us, like we are now.

That's why i love to capture honestly and artfully the beauty that is your life.I see the photography like a strong tool that empower the present moment in the family. I adore the power of love in everyday routine.

I invite you to take a look at my work here on the site and to keep in touch.